Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's an uphill battle

D.C. Is Full Of Democrat Jihadists

Since the Democrats took control four years ago, our national debt has grown larger than all the deficits of all the presidents since Washington put together. In addition 47% of that debt is now owned by foreign interests and China owns roughly half of that amount.

By Alicia Colon

When I look at how the battle of the budget is being fought in Washington, I view the Democrats as no better than the Islamic Jihadists who hide behind civilians during the firefights knowing that we won't want to kill innocents. So too do the Democrats hide behind the most vulnerable of Americans and use them as bargaining chips rather than reduce the spending that is destroying our economy. That term, the enemy within, has never been more apt and while these may seem like harsh words we must consider the facts that the mainstream media tries hard to ignore.

Since the Democrats took control four years ago, our national debt has grown larger than all the deficits of all the presidents since Washington put together. In addition 47% of that debt is now owned by foreign interests and China owns roughly half of that amount. Yet the Democratic response to this crisis is to increase spending and it will be our children and grandchildren who will be burdened by this debt.

I've been in touch with several acquaintances who moved to Washington last November to work with the new House members and what they've told me has depressed me beyond belief. "Nobody cares," they tell me. "They are only interested in retaining power and that goes for both long time Republicans and most of the Democrats." The new tea party elects are facing an uphill battle trying to stem the hemorrhaging of our treasury. They are being called wimps for voting for the CR (continuing resolution) to keep the government going. The Democrats wanted the government to shut down so they could blame the Republicans for denying the poor their government checks.

So why did they cave? Contrary to how the media has portrayed the GOP as mean-spirited, the truth is that it is the Republicans who feel most deeply for the military overseas who were getting their checks to their families cut while they were overseas fighting a dangerous war. Just as the jihadists in the Middle East combat zones hide behind women and children in hospitals and schools so do the progressive Democrats use their considerable funds to spread lies about how the Republicans are ending Medicare as we know it and scaring senior citizens into believing them.

Amusing as they may be, those ads showing the elderly forced to take demeaning jobs because Republicans ended Medicare are completely false but where are the GOP ads exposing the lies? I received an email from the Republican National Committee announcing a YouTube contest where the prize winning entry video telling the RNC why you can't afford 4 more years of Obama would win-guess what? A $100 gift certificate to the store. Whose crazy idea was that and does that not demonstrate how out of touch the GOP leadership is? Asking people in debt to enter this contest should offer at a least a $5000 Visa card but this is why Democrats like Charlie Rangel and other corrupt politicians consistently get elected. The RNC has written off liberal cities as unbeatable but they never really fight for them.

Billionaire George Soros is an anti-American socialist determined to destroy our economy just as he once did the English pound through currency trading. He has announced plans to reform the currency system which means replacing the dollar with a global currency. He recently held a conference at Breton Woods Resort in New Hampshire designed to remake a new global economy and of course our compliant collaborative media ignored the importance of the event. The idea of our economy collapsing has always been inconceivable but Soros is not the only anti-American in the game. Not only does he have the progressives in the government and internet sites like Media Matters and to do his bidding, he can now rely on the many Americans who are addicted to government handouts.

The biggest expense in our budget is the entitlement programs but God forbid anyone should try and reduce them even though they are rife with fraud. What we saw in Wisconsin is not much different than the riots we saw in England and Greece. The union members there who've enjoyed good salaries without much oversight or demand for good performance were angered by the prospect of a broke state trying to balance its budget.

In England, a country severely damaged for years by its socialist system which created a dependent citizenry of couch potatoes, finally elected a conservative Prime Minister. P.M. Cameron is desperately trying to undo the damage by cutting wasteful spending and was met with rioters demanding an end to their education benefits. It's always amazed me how riots can be organized so swiftly and has anyone ever investigated whether the protesters are real or imported by professional agitators?

Those attendees at the Jon Stewart Washington Mall event received free transportation, lunches and stipends unlike the tea partiers who wend their way to demonstrations on their own dime.

For a long time, my husband has been saying, that this country is in big trouble; that we're on the verge of collapse. Being the cockeyed optimist that I am, I've always countered that this is America and that the American people won't let that happen. We are not Europe and no one can keep us down for long.

Sad to say I am mistaken. This is not who we are anymore. The anti-American villain is the person looking back at us in the mirror. It is the person who believes that the government owes them a check and can solve all their problems; it is the person who thinks that belonging to a union will protect them even though they're lousy workers who slack off at any opportunity; it is the student who has no idea how this country was founded or the sacrifices that were made for it because their liberal professors hold the Founding Fathers in disdain; it is the readers of the mainstream media who never bother to check if what they're reading is accurate and not biased: it is the person who laughs at Bill Maher and other effete entertainers whenever they are crude and mock people who are willing to die for this country.

Many Americans envied the benefits that European workers enjoyed and that is why they voted for Barack Obama. What they failed to consider was that Europe could once afford to be socialist because they had our strong military to count on. We were the strongest super power on earth but right now our debt payments are helping China build up their military. European countries are reeling from debt and yet this administration is spending us on the same path. What to do?

Well besides offering up novenas and rosaries we need to spend every spare dollar we have to vote out the leeches in Congress, support good candidates and elect a new president.

Can we do it? You tell me.

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