Sunday, August 28, 2011

Left wing stupidity on display both government and media

NEW ENGLAND has a centuries-old tradition of both gun manufacturing and gun control. It shouldn’t have to pick between the two. However, at least one manufacturer is trying to force the matter. Proposals to require that guns be made suitable for micro-stamping, a technology which would allow shell casings to be traced back to the exact gun they were fired from, have been introduced in the Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts legislatures. These have drawn significant criticism from gun manufacturers, at least one of which, Colt, is threatening to move out of New England if such legislation is adopted.

August 28, 2011

t’s questionable how effective micro-stamping would be. The legislation would require firing pins on new makes of handguns to leave microscopic impressions of the gun’s serial number on each casing. Criminals could tamper with the firing pin to prevent impressions from being made or even leave used casings from other guns at crime scenes to cause confusion. Nonetheless, it might still provide useful clues in some cases. But this is a balancing decision that should be left to the legislatures, not gunmakers.

While firearms manufacturers have a right to lobby against this legislation and explain their objections to it, it is inappropriate to wield the jobs of hundreds of workers as a weapon. Micro-stamping does not place any significant burden on the sale or manufacture of guns. It is not a ban or an arduous tax. It merely requires the engraving of a serial number in one more place on the weapon. If a state legislature decides micro-stamping is appropriate, it should not be forced to choose between citizens’ lives and citizens’ livelihood.

Massachusetts has had gun-control laws for almost three centuries, and theConnecticut River Valley has been a center of gun-making since George Washington established an armory in Springfield. There is no reason that both gun control and gun manufacturing cannot co-exist for the next few centuries as well.

At the core of most left beliefs is ignorance of realuty. Like the 8 year olds I often compare them with they come up with an astoundingly unworkable ideas and propose them as if they were real solutions. This micro stamping idea has been floated before and debunked before. But, like the mantra the left often uses "we went to the moon so why can't we do this" there is no realistic understanding of economics or technology...just a simple minded solution offered to quell the uneasiness of reality. One of the comments asks why we don't crack down on anonymous gun transfers, huh? There is also a general call for tougher sentences but, when the opportunity arises these liberal people will always find a way to let the criminals get off easy. Ask any of these gun haters if they are pro capital punishment.

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