Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Media is simply not interested

Not News? Holder's Justice Department Stuffed with Leftist Appointees

In the Bush years, the major media often portrayed the Justice Department under John Ashcroft or Alberto Gonzales as deeply ideological, even excessively religious. (Oh no, Ashcroft has a prayer group!) Democrats in 2007 grilled Bush appointees about whether Christians from Pat Robertson's Regent University were getting plum slots.

But now, under Eric Holder, the media have zero curiosity about ideological hiring. Quin Hillyer is amazed by a new investigation by Pajamas Media into the radical affiliations of political appointees in Eric Holder's Justice Department (like the "Queer Resistance Front"), and he's amazed the so-called "mainstream" media no longer cares about the Justice Department being too ideological to be professional:


The government-media conspiracy: Don't you think George Washington would have warned us about this unholy alliance had it existed in his time?

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