Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Obama's friends: Violence welcomed

TAMPA (FOX 13) -

A video surfacing online might have a link to the discovery of pipes and bricks on a downtown Tampa rooftop this week in the buildup to the Republican National Convention.

Police said the weapons were found on the roof of a building at 1004 North Florida Avenue at the corner of Tyler Street. Next to it: The painted sign of the group "Anonymous," which has ties to online cyber hacking but has also been active in supporting the Occupy movement and the anarchist group, Black Bloc.

An eight-minute video posted to YouTube claims to be Anonymous' final message before the RNC, and like most videos from the group, it features a figure in a Guy Fawkes mask – its symbol.

It also features video of violent riots, calls out Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor by name, and urges activists next week to tear down the wall that will separate the Event Zone from the rest of downtown Tampa – saying it "violates the Constitution."

"We are uncompromising," a computer-altered voice says in the video. "We are the most effective underground resistance the world has ever seen … No matter how hard they try they can't stop us now."

For months, FOX 13 has been reporting about the Black Bloc, an anarchist group that causes chaos and havoc around the world. The FBI has labeled them domestic terrorists who are against government, corporate America, and law enforcement.

They've showed up to previous conventions, and they say in the video they will be here in Tampa next week. The video is a call for action and unity from Anonymous to Black Blockers.

"It is time to take a stand, to be the rebellion, to be the hero, and only the people can be that hero," Anonymous says.

On Tuesday, Castor said she was not surprised to find the items on the rooftop, and she was appreciative that the business owner called to let them know.

The convention will kickoff with a party at Tropicana Field on Sunday night before officially beginning Monday at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

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