Monday, December 17, 2012

Nancy Pelosi is so caring

More about the lives of veal calves:
Most veal calves live their brief lives without any sunlight in filthy, dark environments, chained by the neck in individual stalls barely larger than their bodies. They must urinate and defecate on themselves because they are intentionally denied the ability to move in any direction – this lack of movement is what makes veal meat "tender." They aren't even given enough space to sleep comfortably. Undercover investigations of veal slaughterhouses document terrified calves being kicked, slapped, and repeatedly electric-prodded so they will stand up to get slaughtered. The requirements of the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act to ensure that animals are unconscious and cannot feel pain before they are decapitated or before their legs are amputated are ignored in veal production.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims to be "green" and a "sustainable living" supporter, while profiting from the sale of veal at four restaurants in which she is an investor. The veal industry is built on torture - systematically inflicting unimaginable suffering on over 62,000 innocent newborn calves per month, stripped away from their mothers hours after birth and placed in intensive confinement until they are slaughtered.
vealCrates_jpgTwo of the veal-selling restaurants in which Representative Pelosi has a stake are in La Jolla and Mill Valley. Join us as we urge one of America's most powerful "progressive" politicians to align her public persona with her personal ventures by adopting a No Veal policy at all of her restaurants. You'll be joining with demonstrations taking place at Pelosi's veal-selling restaurants across the country, all with the message: Veal is NOT green!

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