Saturday, June 8, 2013

More proof these people suffer from a mental disorder

Chris Matthews: Obama Has Literally Never Done Anything Wrong

Chris Matthews, thy delusion knows no bounds. In a month where the veritable pileup of scandals resembles anespecially bad freeway car accident--indeed, on the heels of the PRISM revelation--Matthews maintains that President Obama is as close to a perfect person as we've seen, potentially since Christ. Behold unrighteous indignation, taken to an illogical extreme:
Listening to Matthews talk about Obama sounds more like teenage apologetics of Justin Bieber than sound political analysis. As far as Matthews is concerned, Obama has li-trelly never done anything legally or ethically questionable, and thus the Right's consternation with him is ethnically-based. And yet...who's the one who forgot about the two African Americans serving in the Senate? Oh right!Matthews.
Look, I get standing by your man in his time of hardship, and I suppose in a perverted way, props to him for this adulatory display of loyalty. But really, no. First of all, this is a guy who admitted himself, "Yeah, I dabbled in blow." (Cocaine, for those less streetwise among us.) Which know. Illegal. Currently, his administration is battling scandals on more fronts that WWI had. Benghazi, hacking journalists, IRS targeting, PRISM...the ethics are dubious and questionable at best.

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angrymike said...

Love is blind, if tingles would come out of the closet he'd probably be a better man. I heard at one time he was a decent reporter, but he lost it some time ago.............posted, thanks.......;)