Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Notice how they never mention Obama whom they were instrumental in electing

Oliver Stone, John Cusack Warn Against NSA Surveillance

Oliver Stone, John CusackMaggie Gyllenhaal and Wil Wheaton are among showbiz figures who are stepping into the debate over the National Security Agency surveillance programs, appearing in a public service announcement that calls for an end to the monitoring.
“Everybody is at risk for getting caught up in the NSA dragnet,” Stone says in the 3 minute, 26 second spot, which also features Daniel Ellsberg, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) and Phil Donahue. The spot was directed by Brian Knappenberger and produced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The video is an effort to garner support for a rally on Oct. 26 in Washington called Stop Watching Us, organized by more than 100 public interest groups that are demanding that Congress investigate the NSA spying programs.
The video also is one of the first major pushes against the program using celebrity figures since news of Edward Snowden’s leaks of information about the program was first published.

From the people who never failed to accuse George W. Bush of everything, not a peep about the current President. These leftists support ever tyrannical regime from Venezuela to Cuba. All of them do this kind of surveillance or even worse and yet these socialist/communist never say a word. By the way where is the anti American Sean Penn? If you need proof that the left suffer from a mental disorder these people should be example enough.

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