Saturday, July 26, 2014

An open letter to the Democrat Socialists

Mike at Cold Fury seems a tad miffed, but who can blame him?

And to their wholly owned subsidiary, the scum-sucking establishment media; its entertainment (well, sort of) wing; its batshit-insane indoctrination and brainwashing department at the Kommissariat of Education, k-continuing ed; and every last and least no-load, gutless, witless-dipshit Lying Leftist out there, from the wormiest two-bit cow-college “professor” to the jetsettingest billionaire enviro-nut to the most obnoxious goat-smelling dreadlocked white-boy neohippie begging for “spare change” from some urban brownstone stoop he’s Occupying but couldn’t even pay to have his own filth swept off of, and would never dream of bothering to do it himself:
I’ve watched you slackjawed nitwits’ manipulative flailing-about these last few weeks with some interest at first, progressing to boredom and ennui, and winding up at annoyance and disgust. You can’t POSSIBLY imagine that real Americans are gullible enough, outright stupid enough, to buy the cheap, lamely dishonest crap you’re peddling, can you?
CAN you?
Far-too-convenient “hard drive crashes” at every meddlesome bureaucracy that ruthlessly dominates our lives the instant they get caught with their hands in the authoritarian cookie jar? As if we’re dull-witted enough to buy an excuse even one of your own loathsome spoiled-brat Hitlerjugend junior-high-age spawn wouldn’t have the outrageous chutzpah to attempt when he/she/it didn’t bother doing his/her/its homework? And you’re claiming this horseshit in Congressional hearings and courtrooms seemingly every other day of the week? With a nearly straight face?
Your poorly-written and apparently still-unread Obamacare abomination (whose half-assed, grotesquely expensive website STILL doesn’t work, by the way) didn’t actually mean what it plainly said, even though one of its own principal architects said unequivocally–not implied, said; not off the cuff, in prepared fucking remarks; not once butseveral times–that the thuggish federal coercion embedded in the noxious cloud of legalese that nobody bothered wading through before cramming it down our throats through skullduggery, deception, and outright criminality wasexactly the big stinking dump on the Tenth Amendment it smelled like? That it was all just an “honest” mistake, and that we should all carry on with the nationalization of one sixth of the economy because, hey, come on guys, you know what we meant?
You have the balls to demand billions more in wasteful spending to ameliorate a “crisis” you fomented yourselves, and we all should see it as an opportunity to pass an amnesty that nobody wants instead of bolstering our non-existent border security–thereby allowing you to implement the very vote-buying plan you created the “crisis” as a cover for implementing in the first place? You heartlessly manipulate poor but hopeful souls desiring to flee collapsing socialist shitholes (y’know, like Detroit) for the UnAmerican Dream of eternal welfare, cynically encouraging them to make a life-threatening and miserable journey across a thousand miles of hyper-corrupt human-shark-infested desert to the Land of Government Plenty…and the overstretched, put-upon, struggling taxpayers being asked (told, actually) to foot the unnecessary bill for your corrupt vote-buying scheme are the ones who Don’t Care About The Children?

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