Thursday, July 31, 2014

Judicial malfeasance. Waste on absurdity. The evidence convicted her no matter what you knew in advance.

Watch the video linked below for the meat of the conviction. Subsequent to her conviction I watched a documntary about the case. She was 5000% sure she wanted him murdered.

Are jurors only to come from the population of cave dwellers?

Dalia Dippolito: New trial ordered for wife accused of hiring cop to kill husband

JUPITER, Fla. - Dalia Dippolito, the Boynton Beach woman convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband, is getting a new trial.
Wednesday, a state appeals court ruled the original trial in 2011 wasn't fair and Dippolito deserves a second chance to prove her innocence.
The ruling reverses the 2011 conviction which means Dippolito is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. 
Boynton Beach police officers set up a sting in 2009. Dippolito thought she was hiring a hitman to kill her husband, Michael. She was actually setting up the deal with an undercover police officer.
Michael Salnick represented Dippolito during the 2011 trial. He argued then there were issues with the jury selection process. Wednesday, the appeals court agreed.
"There was a taint in the case from the very beginning because this was a jury who knew a lot of things about this individual that were neither relevant nor necessary for a fair and impartial jury," explained Salnick.
Dippolito has a new defense lawyer for the new trial. From his office in Miami Beach, MIchael Grieco said his client is happy with the latest news. "She's elated by the fact she woke up this morning a convicted felon and by noon she's not."
The prosecutor who worked the first trial and Dippolito's now ex-husband, the intended target, were not as thrilled.
"He [Michael Dippolito] is disappointed," Elizabeth Parker told us. "He is a very strong guy considering what he's been through, but to him he is trying to move on this life and this is a huge step back."
Parker left the state attorney's office and now represents Michael Dippolito privately.
Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffery Katz released this statement:
"The Boynton Beach Police Department is committed to enforcing the law and ensuring the Constitutional rights of everyone with whom we interact, Ms. Dippolito is no exception.  We trust our State Attorney Dave Aronberg and his team to present this case and represent the best interests of our community.  We believe we have done our part and will continue to cooperate with what we believe will be a dispassionate and just judicial process. I remain very proud of the fine work performed by our officers and detectives on this case."
Dalia Dippolito has been on house arrest since the appeals process began in 2011.
It's unclear when the new trial will begin.

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