Sunday, April 26, 2015

ISIS entraps gays in order to stone them

Isis Militants Pose as Gay Men to Trap Homosexuals in Syria, Stones them to Death

Isis militants have been reportedly posing as homosexuals to lure unsuspecting men, who are then arrested and eventually stoned to death.

Earlier over the weekend, Isis released imagesshowing the brutal stoning of two men in the Syrian province of Homs, but what stood outabout the images was that the men prior to the execution were seen hugging an Isis fighter.
According to Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, an underground Syrian media activist group, there are clear evidences to suggest that Isis is "honeytrapping" innocent unsuspecting men to reveal themselves to Isis.
Isis is carrying out sting operations, in which jihadists pose as gay men. There have been instances, where families have even paid ransoms to prevent Isis from stoning the arrested gay men, said Abu Mohammad of RBSS.
The images, which were released on social media websites on 24 April, showed Isis embracing 'two gay' men. It was initially reported that the hugging showed the 'compassionate side' of Isis.
It is, however, now emerging that there is more to the story. Islamic State, which is a radical Sunni outfit, considers homosexuality to be a 'grave' sin and the 'guilty' are stoned to death.

This is the second stoning reportfrom Homs, where earlier this month, a blindfolded gay man was made to run across the field as the fighters hurled stones at him. 

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