Sunday, April 26, 2015

They feel empowered by Obama and Holder because they're victims.

‘Stop!’: Reporter Gets a Close-Up During Freddie Gray Protests. Then Someone Pushes Her to the Ground and Robs Her.

Raucous cheers.
Plenty of poses for the camera.
Then, the woman recording is attacked.
A reporter for the Russian news outlet Russia Today (RT) was attacked and robbed while she recorded footage of young men in Baltimore during Saturday night’s violent Freddie Gray protests.
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
In video posted to YouTube, a large group of young men can be seen flashing obscene hand signals at the camera and shouting.
Then it appears someone pushes the camerawoman, and she tumbles to the ground.
She gets up and chases after someone, sobbing and yelling, “Stop! Give it back!”
Thankfully for her, cops were only a few blocks away.
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Watch the tense moments below (content warning: strong language):
RT reported the attack on its Russian-language website, but it did not appear to feature the attack in its English-language coverage of the Freddie Gray protests.

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