Saturday, December 12, 2015

Don't think the left isn't coming for your guns one step at a time? Don't worry the government will protect you like they did in San Bernadino. Note the political gravy train in the last paragraph.

Marin supervisors call for ban on semiautomatic assault weapons, limits on ammo clips

This semi automatic rifle was turned in as part of a gun buyback in San Rafael in 2013 organized to get guns off the street. Marin supervisors have called for tougher gun laws as part of their annual legislative program. IJ photo — Frankie Frost

Marin supervisors say it’s time that officials banned semiautomatic assault weapons.
Proposals to toughen gun laws including outlawing assault weapons and limiting the number of bullets in ammo clips were favored by the county board as it considered its annual legislative program this week.
The plan, a guideline for laws, programs and goals the county backs at national and state levels, focuses on issues involving affordable housing, income inequality and climate change — as well as an old favorite, funding for road repair.
“A lot of this has been here before,” Supervisor Steve Kinsey said, noting the legislative program is an update of previous plans.
Board president Katie Rice was quick to call for toughening a brief plank on gun regulations that called for support of “policies and practices that are designed to limit the harm caused by gun violence, including education in conflict resolution; enhanced capacity to enforce existing gun control regulations.” Supervisors agreed that banning the sale of semiautomatic weapons and regulating the number of bullets available in gun clips made sense, as well as requiring more detailed background checks on gun purchases.
At the least, federal legislators should adopt California’s gun laws, which Kinsey noted are the toughest in the nation. The law does not prevent people from purchasing assault weapons in neighboring states, such as those used in San Bernardino.
“Gun control has been included in the legislative program for many years,” Rice said later. “What we asked for on Tuesday was to strengthen the language, emphasizing our support for stronger regulation at state and federal level specifically around assault weapons, semiautomatics, and ammo clip limitations,” she added. Board members are frustrated at “the inability, particularly at the federal level, to address with regulation these weapons that are so readily available, and allow people who are intent on causing harm, to do so much damage, so quickly and easily.”
Supervisor Damon Connolly said later that “as a local official, I also offer my full support to the proposed ballot measure being put forward by Lt. Governor (Gavin) Newsom” that “addresses key gaps and would strengthen California’s leadership on this issue.”
Overall, the board’s legislative program targets concerns about preserving affordable housing, including the creation of second units and junior second units; addressing income equality, including efforts to boost the minimum wage and provide for universal preschool; proposals to adapt to climate change and sea level rise, including support for emissions reduction; and “increasing investments in roads and public infrastructure.”
“Staff will continue to coordinate with TAM, SMART and Marin Transit regarding legislative advocacy for countywide transportation issues to better ensure local coordination of priorities,” Assistant County Administrator Daniel Eilerman told the board in a memo.
“While our plan includes initiatives that may not be achievable in the short term, as opportunities arise the plan provides policy direction to guide our legislative program in a manner consistent with your board’s long-term vision for the county,” Eilerman concluded.
Officials approved the legislation plan shortly after allocating $180,000 for a two-year contract with Sacramento lobbyists Nielsen, Merksamer, Parrinello, Gross & Leoni for “legislative representation and consultant services.” Also approved was a $72,000 contract with Washington lobbyists Alcalde & Fay for “limited professional federal legislative services.”
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