Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This is the mosque that radicalized Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood murderer.

Mosque Obama Visited Under FBI Surveillance Starting in 2010

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Today, President Barack Obama made the first appearance at a U.S. mosque in his seven-year presidency. He and the Council on American-Islamic Relations selected the Islamic Society of Baltimore for the big event. He made some valid points and included some touching moments, but detractors are continuing to rail against his choice of mosques.
In 2010, the Islamic Society of Baltimore was placed under FBI surveillance following the arrest of one of its members. The member had been planning to bomb an Army recruiting center near the mosque in Catonsville.
According to Investor’s Business Daily, the would-be attacker was 25-year-old convert Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain. Hussain had assured other worshipers that he had “brothers” who could supply him with the necessary bomb-making materials. His plans to combat the Army came from his interpretation of the Quran’s mandate to “fight those who fight you.”
An undercover FBI agent was placed in the mosque, but leaders within the community objected to being monitored. Another agent was dispatched to take questions and concerns from the mosque’s leadership, who felt what the FBI was doing was entrapment.

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