Saturday, May 14, 2016

Humor for some agita for others


We’re going to take a break from the bathroom wars this week. . . oh hell no we’re not! Since we’re now in the age of “self-identifying,” college students will no longer need to get  false IDs to buy beer. I say every bar in America must serve anyone who self-identifies as 21 years old. And why stop there? Abolish driver’s licenses: anyone who self-identifies as a driver should be allowed on the road. It will solve the controversy over whether to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. For that matter, why have citizenship qualifications at all? If you self-identify as an American, you’re in.
Self Identify Billionaire copy
LGBT? copy
Progressives v ISIS
Cankles copyHillary Coal copyHilary Dummies copyHillary's Mao Dress copy
Trump's Fault copy
alien v. Predator copy
Kang Kodos copy
Mov-a-lib copyFleeing Celebs copy
Islamophobia copy
Conservative Riot? copy
We Want Freedom copy
Govt Failure copy
Banking Cycle copy
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Capitalism has failed
President Obama has completed his european farewell tour.
Obama Heating Oil copy
National Mammal
Home Protection copy
Adult Situations copy
Flint Mexico copy
Fracking Energy copy
Text Pistols copy
Didly Squats copyDisk Magnet copyBS Obkection copy
Apple Sauce copy

Rum copyRudolph Hess copyNeedle Haystack copy
Van Goghs Rear copyEmpty Coffee Cups copyChicken Continents copy
Spock cool
And finally. . .
Hot IDF 1 copy
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