Monday, July 18, 2016

BLM and the Democrats lie about why people are suspicious of the black community

Two things not mentioned in the anti cop BLM. First, the thugs resist authority at arrest because their either feel entitled or hope to win money from the government for being scratched. Second, for anybody that knows anything about the tribal mentality that exists in their community, police get no help from victims, onlookers or neighbors because of the no snitching code. It's why so many crimes go unsolved. 

Hillary and Obama throw out statistics without context. Compared with black crime rates the numbers killed by police is small to miniscule. All of those killed recently from Michael Brown to Freddie Gray were criminal and or thugs.

About rhetoric: Has Louis Farrakhan's white people are devils speech ever been condemned by a single Democrat/liberal? Two of the recent shooters were once or still members of the Nation of Islam. Silence from the left. Only non violent Tea Party members are demonized.

BLM is anti white, not just anti cop. Democrat Party has resurrected the Klan in anti white black face.

Obama  would have you believe that whites fear blacks for no reason. About a year ago I had to go to downtown Oakland, California, a damned dangerous place. I mentioned my discomfort to the black lady at the facility and her comment was to say she to feared the place...wonder why? The thugs target anybody they want and claim fear is racist.

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