Sunday, July 17, 2016

Will BLM lionize the shooter? How did the shooter get a concealed carry permit in NYC? Oh, wait he's a thug and they don't obey laws.

Man with gun shot by police in Brooklyn

Cops shot and killed a gun-wielding suspect after he pistol-whipped an elderly man during a robbery in a Brooklyn public-housing development Sunday morning, police said.
Two cops were responding to separate reports of an armed robbery and of a man with a gun about 7:44 a.m. when they encountered the suspect near 20 Debevoise Ave. in Williamsburg’s Cooper Park Houses, police said.
The gunman, who was in his 40s, turned and fired his weapon at the officers, police said. At least one of them returned fire, hitting him once in the stomach, cops said.

He died at Woodhull Hospital, police said. His name and age weren’t immediately released.
Just before the shooting, the crook pistol-whipped an elderly man while trying to steal his cell phone and money, witnesses said.
“I looked out the window and saw him hit the old man,” Brandon Herron, 17, said. “He walked away, and then I heard someone yell ‘Freeze!’ He ran, and then I heard two more shots, and then he fell down. I looked down, and the cops were handcuffing him.”
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Scene of the shootingPhoto: G.N. Miller
Police recovered a firearm and five shell casings they said was used by the gunman, cops said.
Darlene Roman, 48, said residents were glad the suspect was stopped before he killed somebody.
“We are grateful to the cops,” Roman said. “They saved lives today. We had an aggressive pistol-whipping man trying to mug people.”
She said the gunman walked away after the pistol-whipping and that she heard the cops yell “Freeze!” before gunshots rang out.
Both officers were being treated for tinnitus after the shooting.

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