Thursday, September 22, 2016

Suit against NASCAR is just another race card hustle. How does a man with no money form a NASCAR team? Thanks Steve Harvey for blowing the lid off.

Steve Harvey responds to NASCAR suit: 'I don't even like fast-ass cars'

Harvey listed in $500M lawsuit as being connected with race team suing for racial discrimination

First and foremost, comedian Steve Harvey made it perfectly clear during his radio show on Tuesday that he is not suing NASCAR for $500 million.
Harvey is named as being connected to Terrance Cox, who lists himself as the CEO of Diversity Motorsports, in a lawsuit claiming NASCAR racially discriminated against Cox's effort to form a team to compete in NASCAR. Cox alleges that NASCAR acted to keep Diversity Motorsports out of NASCAR.
In the lawsuit, Cox alleges that "in or about September 2015, Cox and Diversity Motorsports were approached by Steve Harvey (“Harvey”), who proposed a racing team to be called Steve Harvey Races 4 Education. Thereafter, Harvey approached NASCAR to propose the creation of Steve Harvey Races 4 Education in association with Cox and Diversity Motorsports.
"NASCAR advised Harvey that it would not sanction any race team associated with Cox and Diversity Motorsports. As a result of the foregoing, Cox and Diversity Motorsports were wrongfully denied the opportunity to create a Steve Harvey Races 4 Education racing team. Thereafter, on or about June 29, 2015, NASCAR’s in-house Corporate Counsel Zachary Daniel requested that Cox and Diversity Motorsports refrain from any future correspondence with NASCAR."

Harvey strongly disputes his connection with Cox and the nature of his communications with the race series. And Harvey is clearly not on board with Cox's lawsuit.
"I don't want a damn race team," Harvey said. "I don't even like fast-ass cars. I'm going to say it again: If that man (Cox) was going to mess around, I wish he had some money so I could sue him, but he ain't got none."
The complaint alleges that "because he is African-American, Cox has been deprived of the right to be employed by NASCAR, the Charter Defendants, and ISC and has further been deprived of the right to contract with Defendant NASCAR (and) because he is African-American, Cox has been subjected to virulently hostile and discriminatory treatment that any reasonable person would find offensive."
The suit also charges that "as a consequence of the NASCAR, the Charter Defendants, and ISC’s intentional and wrongful conduct, Cox has incurred physical and psychological trauma and injury, has suffered great humiliation, loss of esteem, mental anguish, distress, shock, fright and suffering, has incurred significant economic loss, and has sustained lasting and permanent damage."  
Cox, who lives in Marietta, Georgia, is seeking $75 million in compensatory damages and $425 million in punitive damages.

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