Thursday, October 27, 2016

Naming the corrupt hack media by name...when you read or hear them you are listening to Clinton/Democrat talking points only.

Exposing the media hacks who do the Clinton's bidding is a great service. It's not new as you may recall some time ago there was the exposure of those who were a part of the "journolist group" who collaborated to push whatever narrative the Left wanted pushed.

Transcript from today's Rush Limbaugh program

"So it's conclusive beyond any doubt, folks, that, when you watch the news, you are watching the Clinton campaign.  Here's a list of the "Progressive Helpers" and "Columnists/Pundits" that the Clinton campaign has that they are considered friendly and will place narratives for them in columns and news stories.  You want to hear some of the names?  This is in the Podesta email dump from WikiLeaks.  And, again, these people come from internal memos the Hillary campaign.  These are the people that are sympathetic.
They've had them to dinner. They've been invited to Podesta's house. These are the people who, if we need to get a narrative established about Trump or about Hillary, these people will do it for us.  "Dan Balz," Washington Post.  "Wolf Blitzer," CNN.  "Gloria Borger," CNN.  "Mika Brezinski [sic]," MSNBC.  "David Brooks," New York Times.  The "conservative columnist" for the New York Times is considered a great resource for the Clinton campaign to place a narrative.  "Gail Collins," New York Times. 
"John Dickerson", CBS.  "EJ Dionne," junior, Washington Post.  "Maureen Dowd," New York Times.  "Ronan Farrow," at the time MSNBC.  "Howard Fineman," MSNBC.  "Ron Fournier."  Now, he's at National Journal and a number of other places, but Fournier has been all over Hillary in the early stages of this campaign telling everybody that she's gonna go nowhere if she doesn't stop lying. 
So next to Fournier's name in parentheses it says, "(not sure this is worth it)," because Fournier has not been a loyal, bend-over-grab-the-ankles, support-Hillary guy.  He's been calling her out.  Not recently, but a year ago, nine months ago.  "Mark Halperin," Bloomberg.  "Chris Hayes," MSNBC.  "John Heilmann [sic]" Bloomberg.  "Jonathan Karl," ABC.  "John King," CNN.  "Mara Liasson," Fox News and NPR.  "Rachel Maddow," MSNBC.  "Ruth Marcus," Washington Post. 
"Chris Matthews," MSNBC and the asylum.  "Dana Milbank," Washington Post.  "Andrea Mitchell," NBC News, Washington.  "Norah O'Donnell," CBS.  "Eugene Robinson," Washington Post, MSNBC.  "Charlie Rose," PBS, CBS.  "April Ryan," Radio One.  "George Soros," Clinton campaign, Clinton war room, ABC News.  "Robin Sproul," don't know where, I think New York Times. "Karen Tumulty," TIME magazine, Washington Post.  "Zeff Zeleny," CNN, formally New York Times. 
"Progressive helpers," people that will help us reach others, "David Brock, Mo Elleithee, Judd Legum."  Partial lists, "Alex Wagner," MSNBC.  "Beth Fouhy," MSNBC.  "Phil Griffin," president, MSNBC.  "Savannah Guthrie," NBC.  "Ryan Lizza," New Yorker.  "Jonathan Martin," New York Times.  "Maggie Haberman," New York Times.  "Sandra Westfall," People magazine.  "Glenn Thrush," Politico.  "Mike Allen," Politico.  "John Allen," Vox. 
I mean, they've got 'em covered, folks.  These are people in these emails in the Drive-By Media, the Clinton campaign feels very confident they can call and place a narrative.  You know what "place a narrative" means?  It means create a story, tell the Clinton version of a story, get a story out there.  Nothing to do with the news. 
If the Clintons want a story that Trump's a reprobate, call these people, give 'em the narrative. They write a column or do a news story, interview people, and they're off and running.  That's why you can't avoid watching this stuff if you watch the news.  You just have to realize you're watching the Clinton campaign."  


Hat tip: Rush Limbaugh

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