Sunday, October 30, 2016

Black Democrat Benton accuses white opponent Jones of "white supremacist ties and coldcock's white opponent. Entitled to violence? Playing the knock out game or just another vile Democrat.

State House candidates scuffle at Beast Fest

BLDENBORO — The annual Beast Fest brought out the beast in two attendees Saturday and resulted in charges being filed between two N.C. House of Representative candidates.
According to witnesses, Republican District 46 candidate Brenden Jones and Democratic candidate Tim Benton were exchanging words Saturday afternoon at the main entrance to the festival near U.S. 242.
“Some flyers have evidently been circulating saying Mr. Benton was involved in (a white supremacy group), and he was accusing Mr. Jones of being responsible for the flyers,” said eyewitness Woody Hester. “Mr. Jones told him he wasn’t responsible for the flyers and there wasn’t anything he could do about it, and he suggested they continue the conversation across the street away from the crowd.
“Mr. Benton kept nudging him with his shoulder the whole time they were walking across, and then he just stepped back and little and coldcocked him,” he said.
“To beat all, he (Benton) left a little child in a stroller to walk across the street, and if Mr. Jones’ (companion) hadn’t caught her, the child would have rolled into the street,” Hester added.
The Bladenboro Police Department was called to the scene, but Police Chief Hunt said his officers didn’t witness anything and that both Benton and Jones departed saying they were going to the magistrate’s office to file charges against one another.
More information will follow as it becomes available.
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