Sunday, February 12, 2017

A reply from a commenter sums it up well: "If you want Black, Fat, and ugly, watch The View."

It's good to start holding these holier-then-thou Leftists to their own standards! Vogue is under the leadership of that Democrat elitist Hillary pandering Anna Wintour. 

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People are furious that Vogue’s newest cover doesn’t include models who are fat enough or black enough.
The March edition features seven women of various ethnicities standing on a beach.

Readers were quick to point out that the cover can’t possibly celebrate “modern American women” because the models are far too skinny and far too white.
“This photo is so sad,” one user commented on Instagram. Others were more blunt in their criticism: “Still strong in the body shaming game! LIAR. If there ever will be a “revolution” in beauty vogue would be broke :D,” “Didn’t know revolutionaries could only be 5″11 and above with the acceptable level of melanin in their skin. So, so disappointing yet expected,” and “F*** you Vogue!”
Ashley Graham, the singular plus-sized model in the photo, said she “chose to pose” with her hand on her leg. “No one told me to do anything,” she said, according to CNN.
Critics allege Vogue photshopped Gigi Hadid’s hand to cover Graham’s stomach, and also made Imaan Hammam’s arm longer.
They may have a point about Vogue’s poor attempt at diversity, too. Forty percent of U.S. women are now obese, according to Time Magazine. While obesity in men has plateaued, women are getting bigger than ever. If Vogue truly wanted to capture the modern woman, approximately three of the seven models should be obese.

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