Friday, February 3, 2017

How fake news is passed off as real...just leave stuff out of the report to be PC

Left out of the story was Sandova-Rivera was deported to Mexico at least once before and that the local police were prohibited from cooperating with ICE, you know the sanctuary city absurdity.

Suspected Santa Rosa heroin, meth traffickers arrested

Santa Rosa police have broken a major Sonoma County heroin and methamphetamine distribution ring with the arrest of four Santa Rosa men, a police official said Thursday, including the arrest this week of Artemio Sandoval-Rivera, the suspected leader of the drug ring.
Narcotics detectives Wednesday arrested Sandoval-Rivera, 28, Santa Rosa narcotics Sgt. Rich Celli said. Two others suspected of working for Sandova‑Rivera, including a brother, plus a fourth man were arrested in the investigation, which started in April.
“This is a sophisticated Mexican national drug trafficking organization and was a significant source of supply for the Sonoma County area,” Celli said. “We are estimating this group was selling about 1 pound of meth and half-pound of heroin a day for years here in Santa Rosa.”
Along with Wednesday’s arrest, a search of two Santa Rosa homes turned up 3½ pounds of heroin and 3½ pounds of methamphetamine, $24,000 in cash and 5 pounds of marijuana, Celli said.
The investigation’s first arrest was Nov. 10. Detectives took Miguel Angel Gallegos Barbosa, 28, into custody on suspicion of possessing 1 pound of methamphetamine and a half-pound of heroin for sale, Celli said. 
Last week they arrested Robert Norsworthy Carroll, 51, suspected of buying drugs from the group, Celli said. Carroll was stopped by police and found to have 1 ounce each of heroin and meth, the sergeant said. Ulises Sandoval-Rivera, 31, was arrested on suspicion of selling the drugs. He was carrying 1 pound of meth and a half-pound of heroin.
Detectives arrested Artemio Sandoval‑Rivera in Rohnert Park. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale and violating probation for a prior drug possession conviction. Police also searched homes on Burt Street and Ironstone Circle, suspected of being connected to the drug sales. He was arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale and violating probation for a prior drug possession conviction. All four men remained in custody Thursday. 
Jail records showed there was no bail for Artemio Sandoval‑Rivera; $500,000 for Gallegos Barbosa and $50,000 for Ulises Sandoval-Rivera. Bail for Carroll, also arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale, was $55,000.

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