Sunday, February 19, 2017

NPR is a political enterprise funded with tax payer money. Everything they do has a political perspective even their science programs.

Another reason to defund NPR

Marjorie Merriweather Post had Mar-a-Lago constructed in Palm Beach in the 1920s as a magnificent mansion, which she bequeathed to the U.S. government to serve as a winter retreat for the president. After all, Jack Kennedy spent many a weekend at the Kennedy mansion in Palm Beach during his sadly brief presidency. But Carter nixed that, and gave the mansion back. Donald Trump bought it and now -- lo and behold -- it is a retreat for the president.

NPR does not like that.

Not one bit.

Why, The Donald is holding up traffic in the tony resort town.

From NPR:
Trump's Frequent Visits Disrupt Palm Beach Life And Businesses
For the third week in a row, President Trump is spending the weekend in Florida at Mar-a-Lago.
It seems Trump enjoys spending time at the club he owns in Palm Beach, but since the election, his stays there have raised issues not seen when he was a private citizen. They involve security and the impact his visits are having on people and businesses in Palm Beach.

Why do I get the feeling that if it were Obama, NPR would be looking for townspeople who are ecstatic with the weekly visits?

Certainly a straight news story would lead with people seeing benefits as well as those seeing a downside of being the weekend White House. While the story eventually (and begrudgingly) has  people who say it is a good thing to have, the tone is negative and aimed to please the largely liberal donors to NPR.

But this story that makes me wonder why we have NPR. It's not as if cable news is not overflowing in news channels. In fact, in many parts of the country -- including my home state of West Virginia --  NPR is hard to get.

Sirius XM offers far more choices and a far better range of voices than NPR.

Why as a taxpayer am I paying for nonsense stories aimed at tearing down the president?

The network says it receives no direct federal funding and that government provides only 5% of its budget.

West Virginia faces a half-billion-dollar budget deficit.

Zero out NPR. Let the organization take a 5% hit in its spending instead of making taxpayers dig deeper to keep alive a redundant and leftist network.

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