Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The tyranny of the Education bureaucracy on display...Orwellian. TheLeft wants your children.

Was Buffalo mom jailed over homeschooling decision?

Single mother Kiarre Harris started researching homeschooling last November. She says her two elementary school aged children weren't excelling at their failing Buffalo Public Schools.
"I felt that the district was failing my children and that's when I made the decision to homeschool," she said.
Harris says she filed documents at Buffalo City Hall, following all the steps, informing the district of her intent to homeschool her children. According to documents she provided to 7 Eyewitness News, they're dated December 7th and the district says it received her paperwork.
"I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school."
Things took a turn when she says a week later, Child Protective Services called, wondering why her kids weren't in school.
"I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them."
Thinking everything was fine, Harris says she went on with her homeschooling, but then, less than a month later she says she was confronted by CPS workers and police. According to Harris, they told her they had a court order to take her children and when she told them no, she was arrested for obstruction.
She says she hasn't seen her kids in three weeks, and they've been in a foster institution.
The Buffalo Public School District says it cannot comment on this case due to Federal Laws but says in order for a parent to file for homeschooling, they must have full custody of the children.
Harris says she's a single parent and has always had full custody until her kids were taken away.
This case is far from finished. The Buffalo Common Council will be addressing it tomorrow.

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JourneyWords said...

While I'm definitely not in favor of the government confiscating someone's children, there are other questions to ask. The first would be, if she is a single mother, how can she afford to stay home and school her kids? Shouldn't she be working? If she is getting privately-provided child support AND alimony so that she can stay home with them, fine. But if she is living on government assistance, then I would object. I'd love for someone to have paid for me to stay home so I could home school my kids. But I had bills to pay, and I paid them with my earned wages, not taxpayer dollars.

I went to her FB page and some of the photos of this woman leave very little to the imagination, and the poses are intentional. Perhaps if she wants to draw national attention to her "plight", she should clean up her internet image presence first.

Finally, she has made an appeal on her FB page for people to donate money to help her with legal costs. The right way to do this is with something like GoFundMe, or another structured site where funds can be received and tracked to some degree. However, she is asking that money be sent to her personally, via paypal.

All things considered, it could be that she is looking to milk this situation for some personal attention...and some personal gain. When someone - anyone - goes online asking for money, they should expect a little scrutiny.