Thursday, April 13, 2017

Domestic terror: illegal alien MS 13 gangs

Four bodies found in park likely beaten to death by MS-13, relatives say

Four men were found beaten to death in a Long Island park, murdered, some victim’s family members believe, by the MS-13 gang.
The men’s badly beaten bodies were discovered inside Recreation Village Town Park in Central Islip sometime Wednesday, police said.
“The victims suffered significant trauma throughout their bodies and investigators believe that the homicides happened recently,” Suffolk County Assistant Police Commissioner Justin Meyers said, according to CBS 2.
William Tiger, who was at the park Thursday morning, said his 18-year-old brother was among the dead.
“Tuesday night, my brother George left home and he never came back,” Tiger, 21, said. “He was with two friends who are also missing. One was a member of MS-13.”
Tiger said he believes MS-13 — the vicious El Salvadorian gang which has a stronghold in Suffolk County — is responsible for his brother’s death.
“He called me, the friend in MS-13, he called me last night at 6:30 and told me my brother is here,” Tiger said.
Tiger said that pal said he“ escaped from the car. He said he saw my brother being killed. He told me my brother was here. He gave me this address [to the park].”
The motive for the murders is unknown at this time. No arrests have been made, Suffolk County police said.
The location where the bodies were found is not far from the park in Brentwood where two 16-year-old girls were found dead under similar circumstances last September.
Ten illegal immigrants with ties to the murderous MS-13 gang were arrested last month and charged with those killings.

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