Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Equal Pay Warrior Senator Elizabeth Warren pays women much less then men....hmmm!

Equal pay warrior, Senator Elizabeth Warren caught paying her female staff far less than men

On Tuesday afternoon’s “Pure Opelka,” TheBlaze Radio host Mike Opelka highlighted Equal Pay Day by pointing out the gender pay gap among Senator Elizabeth Warren’s staff. According to the Washington Free Beacon, women who work for Senator Warren make a median annual income of $52,750, while male staffers earn $73,750 — a difference of more than $20,000.
When comparing average annual salaries of Senator Warren’s staff instead of median, a bleaker picture is revealed: Male staffers made an average of $26,051 greater than their female counterparts.
But Senator Warren is on record as being a strong supporter of Equal Pay Day — as evidenced by this tweet.
“What’s the one thing that always ticks me off about progressives?” asked Mike. “It’s do as I demand you do and not as I do. So, Happy Equal Pay Day, Elizabeth Warren. How about you equal pay your staff!”

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