Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Left and it's conspiratorial based enemies list. Is Tribe a member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Harvard Law Professor Suggests Without Evidence Judge’s Death Was ‘Racist Islamophobic’ Murder

Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, listens as Laurence Tribe speaks at the White House in 2010 / AP
Noted liberal Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe claimed without evidence in a series of tweets Thursday that a recently deceased New York judge was the victim of a racist murder.
Sheila Abdus-Salaam was the first Muslim-American judge and the first black woman to serve on the New York Court of Appeals. Late Wednesday, her body was found in the Hudson River after she was reported missing. Abdus-Salaam was 65 years old.
Tribe tweeted out his condolences, demanding that her death be investigated as a hate crime.

Tribe may have spoken too soon. New York Police Department officials are now saying they believe Abdus-Salaam's death was likely a suicide, and that she had been battling depression for weeks.

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