Friday, August 18, 2017

Democrat racist statues too?

Change the sheets and kiss the Byrd statue goodbye, West Virginia

Outside West Virginia's magnificent Capitol, protesters have demanded the removal of a statue of Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general from a Union state.

He's easy money.

When does the state remove the statue of Bob Byrd inside the Capitol? In the Rotunda no less.

This has been a hope of mine for some time as besides being a relic of segregation, Byrd represents big governmental liberalism. He bought votes not by doing anything special for West Virginia but by taking credit for the usual undertakings of the federal government.

The Treasury funds the building of infrastructure throughout the land.

All politicians take credit for the work of taxpayers, but Byrd was particularly adept at branding.

Other critics look at his civil rights record. Abysmal. While he was alive, I upbraided him in columns, much to the consternation of my bosses. His record was horrible even after the civil rights movement ended.

For example, we've had two African American justices on the Supreme Court. Byrd voted against both.

From Daniel John Sobieski:
President Trump had it right when, during his press conference on infrastructure he addressed the nonstop questions on Charlottesville, he asked if those obsessed with fears of white nationalism if they would also remove statues and monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both slaveowners, in addition to the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
Trump’s critics responded that while Washington and Jefferson were slaveowners, they did not go to war to defend slavery. True enough, but also true is the fact that white nationalism had its roots in the Democratic post-Civil War south and that the KKK was founded by Democrats to suppress blacks liberated by the Republican administration of President Abraham Lincoln.
The alt-left movement, which shares the blame along with arguably racist groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, hate America so much that they want to erase all vestiges of American history and throw them down an Orwellian memory hole to be supplanted by alt-left politically correct ideology.
Notice that no one has demanded that statues of former senator and KKK icon Robert Byrd be removed, statues honoring the hard-core former white nationalist whom Hillary Clinton once called her friend and mentor, including one prominently displayed in the West Virginia state Capitol.
Let's honor real heroes.

We have a statue of Chuck Yeager in his hometown of Hamlin.

Let's give him another and replace Stonewall with Yeager.

Let's replace Byrd with John Denver. Sure, John did not live in West Virginia, but he co-wrote the song that changed the public's opinion of the state.

Or upgrade Booker T. Washington from a bust and a plaque to a full-blown statue, and bring him indoors.

Or Mary Lou Retton. Or Randy Moss. Or Homer Hickam. Or Jerry West. Or Jack Maurice. Or Andrew Summers Rowan. People of accomplishment.

Not a politician in the pack.

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