Sunday, August 13, 2017

LET’S NOT FORGET HOW THE NORTH KOREA CRISIS ORIGINATED...Here Bill Clinton explains the deal with North Korea he made in 1994.


Liberals are criticizing President Trump for belligerent language directed toward North Korea. They think he should be more diplomatic, like other presidents have been for the last 25 years. Because that worked so well, apparently.
This short video clip of President Clinton announcing the 1994 deal under which North Korea agreed not to develop nuclear weapons in return for a great deal of money is a great reminder of how we got where we are now. The deal was incredibly incompetent, if you think Clinton was actually trying to prevent the North Koreans from obtaining nukes, as opposed to sweeping the problem under the rug for later presidents to handle:

Via Roger Simon. Two additional comments:
1) President Obama is arguably even more at fault than President Clinton. For eight years, he stood by as the Kim regime continued its nuclear weapons development, along with ICBM research and testing. If a nuclear bomb lands on an American city, Barack Obama will bear more blame than anyone other than the North Koreans themselves.
2) The Iran deal is more or less a carbon copy of the North Korea agreement. Like the North Korea deal, it is not seriously intended to impede Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and will not do so.

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