Thursday, August 17, 2017

Peta like Planned Parenthood are not exactly what they portray themselves.

The animal was taken from outside their mobile  home by the animal charity and put down CREDIT:ALAMY

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) has apologised and paid a family almost $49,000 after taking and euthanising a little girl's pet chihuahua.
Two people affiliated with the group travelled to the mobile home park because they said they had been asked for help picking up wild dogs and feral cats.
They removed an unattended chihuahua called Maya, which was a Christmas present to nine-year-old Cynthia Zarate.

Her father, Wilber Zarate, from Virginia, sued the company after it picked up his daughter's dog from the mobile home park and putting it down before a five day grace period was up.
Maya was put down the same day she was caught, which was a violation of a state law that requires a five-day grace period.
Peta was fined $500 for the violation, and had to pay more after Mr Zarate took further action.
He claimed that the group operates under a policy of putting down healthy animals because it “considers pet ownership to be a form of involuntary bondage”.
Peta denied this, claiming the 2014 incident was a "terrible accident".
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The company settled the lawsuit, avoiding a trial in which Mr Zarate's lawyers intended to ask the company about its past and present euthanasia policy.
Peta in the settlement agreed to pay the family $49,000 and donate $2,000 to a local branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to honour Maya.
Mr Zarate had originally sought up to $7m.
The family’s attorney, William H Shewmake, said: “The Zarates felt that the settlement reflects the grievous loss of their beloved Maya. And it allows the Zarates to bring some closure to a very painful chapter of their lives. They’re glad the case has been settled.”
Both parties said in a joint statement: “Peta again apologises and expresses its regrets to the Zarate family for the loss of their dog Maya. Mr Zarate acknowledges that this was an unfortunate mistake by Peta and the individuals involved, with no ill will toward the Zarate family.”

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