Thursday, August 17, 2017

Teen cyclists attacked driver’s SUV, stole his wallet: cops

Teen cyclists attacked driver’s SUV, stole his wallet: cops

A driver was trying to get around a group of bicyclists in the East Village when several of them, including an 11-year-old, began kicking and hitting his SUV, causing dents and a cracked windshield, police said Thursday.
Motorist Andres Millan, 49, was attacked after getting stuck in traffic on Second Avenue at East 14th Street at about 5 p.m. Wednesday, by the group of 20 teenage bike riders, according to cops.
Milan was trying to navigate his way around the group when several of them swarmed his SUV, leaving dents and cracking his windshield.
When Millan got out of the vehicle to confront the cyclists, one of them reached in and stole his wallet.
Cops broadcast a description of the cyclists and five boys and teens, ages 11, 12, 15, 16 and 18, were arrested. The 16- and 18-year-old were charged with criminal mischief. The younger kids were charged with juvenile delinquency.

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