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Chicago in a handful of stories.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The body of Luis Guerrero was found by firefighters conducting a training exercise in West Chicago Tuesday. The body was found strangled, stabbed, lit on fire, and then run over with a Jeep.
CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports the horrific final moments for a Chicago teen, police say, killed by peers his own age. Friends of Guerrero say he moved to West Chicago from Mexico in fifth grade. They describe him as a good friend and student.
“I’m extremely sad to know that he had to suffer so much because he was burned alive,” said Jose Ramirez, a friend of Guerrero.
Police say 18-year-old Francisco Alvarado and 16-year-old Tia Brewer, a former girlfriend, met the victim at the library where the pair allegedly strangled Guerrero with a belt, stabbed him several times in the neck, and then drove him to the field. Jesus Correa was also charged.
suspects teen brutally killed Teen Killed In West Chicago Stabbed, Run Over, And Burned Alive; 3 Teens Chargedjesus correa Teen Killed In West Chicago Stabbed, Run Over, And Burned Alive; 3 Teens Charged
“I was honestly completely shocked. I couldn’t stop shaking,” Ramirez said when he found out what happened to his friend.
Investigators say Guerrero was doused in gasoline, provided by Correa, and set on fire. In a struggle for his life, Guerrero tried running away, but Alvarado and Brewer allegedly ran him over in a Jeep Cherokee, returning Guerrero to the fire pit, under a bench, and once again igniting his body on fire.
Police focused much of their attention on the jeep Tuesday.
“Why? How did they do something like that when he was only a young boy? I mean he was only a young boy,” said neighbor Marilyn Earley.  “I’m shaking inside all over. I can’t believe people could do something like that.”
Brewer told police she was sexually assaulted by Guerrero when they dated and this was payback.
“There’s no way Louis did that. That’s not my friend, you know?” said Guerrero’s friend Brandon Magana.
The state’s attorney say they have no record of a sexual assault complaint by Brewer. Brewer and Alvarado were found in a Chicago motel with alleged murder weapons and plans to flee. All three made their first court appearance Thursday.

Man Shot And Killed In Home Invasion At Chicago Police Officer’s House

Chicago’s High Unsolved Murder Rate Worsened By Uncooperative Communitiess

CHICAGO (CBS)–Chicago’s crime problem is made worse when murders like the wave that gripped Chicago last weekend go unsolved.
CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley reports that while other big U.S. cities have shown improvement in arrests, Chicago lags behind.
Two years ago, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced plans to hire 200 new detectives to help solve the city’s soaring number of murders.
help solve murders.
unsolved murders Chicagos High Unsolved Murder Rate Worsened By Uncooperative Communities
“We need to do everything we can to reduce gun violence,” Johnson said
So far, the addition to the police force hasn’t helped.
Back in 2000, the city solved 40 percent of murders that occurred that year. In 2009, 30 percent of murders were solved.
Last year, 17 percent were solved, Blakley reports.
Other cities like Washington, D.C., have improved the arrest rates of murderers.
The homicide clearance rate in D.C. doubled over a 20-year period, by 32 percent in 1995 to 77 percent in 2015.
“There was a three year period it was in the 80 (percentile),” said George Kucik, former D.C. Deputy Police Chief.
The improvements began under former Chicago cop Charles Ramsay, who later became Washington D.C.’s police chief in 1998.
In D.C., he brought his laser-sharp focus on solving homicides coupled with a strict promotion policy, Blakley reports.
By investigating every murder scene with a team of detectives with specific duties being directed by a top police official who showed up to every crime scene, Ramsay found success.
“When a command official’s there, it shows a sense of urgency and the command official is able to get the resources necessary to further that investigation,” Kucik said.
Critics say the main problem that exists in Chicago is a lack of cooperation from the communities affected by the shootings.
“Relations between police and folks in the chicago communities have become so fractured and so strained that there’s a fundamental breakdown–an absolute mistrust,” said Locke Bowman of Northwestern University Law School.
A Freedom of Information Act Request for Chicago’s murder clearance rates filed by CBS 2 Chicago is still pending.

3 Shot, 1 Killed Near National Night Out Event To Combat Gun Violence

CHICAGO (CBS) — When Chicagoans stepped outside for National Night Out, a national campaign against violence, three shooting victims arrived at Roseland Hospital; one was pronounced dead.
Chicago Police say the shootings happened two miles from the National Night Out Event at Gately Stadium.
Officers say one incident happened in the 100 block of East 124th around 6:45 p.m. Two people were shot. One victim was a 28-year-old man who was transported to Roseland Hospital and pronounced dead. The other gunshot victim was a 16-year-old male shot in the right thigh. He was listed in critical condition. Police say no one is in custody at this time.
The second shooting happened in the 200 block of West 109th Street around 6:35 p.m. in the 5th District. Police say a 27-year-old man was shot in the neck. He was transported to Roseland Hospital in critical condition. Police are investigating both shootings.
CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos went to some of the South and West side communities where the additional officers are being deployed, where residents are having mixed reactions. Some are welcoming the officers, while others say it’s just a Band-Aid fix to a bigger problem.
The National Night Out, a night against crime, falls just a few days after a deadly weekend in Chicago.
People who live in the neighborhoods showed up to National Night Out, as did Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
Supt. Eddie Johnson announced Tuesday 430 more officers will be on patrol during the week and 600 more on weekends in Districts 5, 6, 10, 11, and 15 on Chicago’s West and South sides. Johnson says the extended shifts will go on indefinitely.
“It’s not going to solve the problem,” said Lori Burns, a South side resident. “I’m just not convinced that more police is going to help.”
The police plan is being met with skepticism and support.
“Get them out there. Get them out there, get them walking, get the people to trust them. It could be a big turnaround,” said South side resident Levatino Harris.
Police are pleading with witnesses to come forward, as no arrests have been made with any of the weekend shootings.
“It starts within the community,” said Harris. “If the community doesn’t stand up for what’s right, iut will never straighten itself out.”
“The community not really trusting police and not sharing with police – that’s a big problem, no matter how many police you have,” said Burns.
Just down the street from National Night Out where the Mayor and Police Superintendent joined community members, two shootings occurred.
Three people were shot in the two incidents, one fatally.
Supt. Eddie Johnson is calling on officers to work longer hours, cancelling days off for gang teams and fugitive control teams.

The community doesn't help. The race hustler lawyer profit and Chicago goes on undeterred by the law. Is your compassion tank empty?

New Video Shows Tension After Police Shooting Of Harith Augustus

CHICAGO (CBS) — The agency in charge of investigating police shootings released more raw video of the fatal shooting of Harith Augustus on July 14 in the city’s South Shore neighborhood.
Body cam video without audio was previously released in the days following the shooting. The new footage released late Thursday offers a more complete picture of the confrontation that led to a police officer shooting Augustus on the 2000 block of East 71st Street.
The newly-released video captures the moments leading up to the shooting and reactions afterward, including an intense conversation between the officer who shot Augustus and another officer who was on the scene.
harith augustus shooting New Video Shows Tension After Police Shooting Of Harith Augustus
Chicago’s police oversight agency released the video August 16, about a month after the shooting. The footage shows two perspectives of the encounter–a police bodycam video and surveillance from street camera.
The footage does not show what happened before the shots were fired or reveal what Augustus said as he ran away with his hand on a gun holstered on his right hip.
(NOTE: CBS Chicago is not showing the full video because it shows graphic footage of Augustus’ body in the street.)
“Sarge, that’s me. He pulled a gun at me,” says the officer moments after the shooting as Augustus lay in the street.
The sargent asks: ‘Was there only one? Who else shot?”
Moments later the fellow officer who was on the scene asks, “You OK, you OK?”
The officer who fired the shots asks: “He had a gun?”
“Yes,” the other officer says. “Breathe in, through your nose. .. out your mouth. … I feel like I wasn’t there for you.”
“Why did he have to pull a gun out on us?” the officer asks. “I had to, he was going to shoot us.”
“Look at me, you are going to be OK.” his fellow officer replies.
After the shooting, an officer recovers a gun from Augustus’ waist.
The CPD body cam video released last month shows the same scene but from a closer angle: Several officers attempt to question Augustus and at one point one officer grabs his arm.  Augustus spins away and runs into the street, where he reaches for a gun from his waistband. He is then shot by one of the officers.
After the shooting, tensions rose quickly. Dozens of people showed up, and at some point the officers had to push the crowd back.
The new video does not indicate what was said as officers approached, because none of the body cam audio was activated until after the shooting.
Police Supt. Eddie Johnson has said the officer who shot Augustus has been on the force for about two years.

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