Thursday, January 10, 2019

More proof that to be a liberal you need a level of arrogance that trancends self preservation..

Clothing company founder Scott Jordan of SCOTTeVEST made some widely criticized comments about his customers in a recent Facebook post by calling Fox News viewers, where the company "primarily advertises" its products, "extremely gullible and easier to sell than other networks."
Jordan's post goes on to say that he gets to tell the network's viewers they are "f***ing idiots while getting rich off them."
Jordan and his wife, Laura Jordan, co-founded SCOTTeVEST in 2000, according to the company's website. SCOTTeVEST makes multi-pocketed clothing designed to hold various technology pieces such as cellphones and chargers. Scott was featured in season three of ABC's "Shark Tank" in 2012 where he failed to make a deal with the show's sharks.

What did the Facebook post say?

The post was apparently originally posted on Jan. 14, and has since been deleted.

Has he offered an apology?

On Friday, Scott published this apology on Medium:

I am profoundly sorry.
I am profoundly sorry for my horrible and offensive remarks.
This past Sunday, I posted on my personal Facebook page an incredibly rude and inaccurate statement about SCOTTeVEST’s TV advertising on Fox News. On Monday, I removed the offensive post and posted an apology on Facebook. I have since deactivated my Facebook account and the apology is no longer available, so I am writing it here.
To those that I called gullible and idiotic, I am truly sorry.
As the founder of SCOTTeVEST, Inc., I have spent more than 17 years with the help of an amazing team building an awesome company with world class products and customer service. My idiotic statement not only jeopardized all of that hard work, but it also compromised the faith that SCOTTeVEST customers and our team of 20+ employees and contractors entrusted in me.

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