Friday, February 1, 2019

Hiding the real story under paragraphs of pathos. This section is what they would prefer you miss.

Shortage of Anxiety Drug Leaves Patients Scrambling

There are no good alternatives to buspirone, so patients who rely on it are struggling.

"Rock bottom prices for some generic drugs are also contributing to the crisis. Consolidation among wholesalers has led to the creation of three buying consortium behemoths that purchase 90 percent of the generic pharmaceutical products in the United States, said Adam Fein, a consultant and chief executive of Drug Channels Institute. These “monster” buyers have squeezed manufacturers on prices, and “some of those generic manufacturers are deciding the profit is so low they can’t make money, and they’re exiting the category,” Dr. Fein said.
At least one relatively small buspirone manufacturer, Impax, has left the market.
“Drugs like buspirone are not considered critical or lifesaving drugs by the F.D.A.,” said Dr. Beth Salcedo, president of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. “But the reality is that when you look at anxiety and depression, we lose a lot of people every year to these illnesses.”"

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