According to George Papadopoulos, the ‘honeypot’ named ‘Azra Turk’ who approached him and tried to seduce him to obtain information about Trump’s 2016 campaign was “CIA and affiliated with Turkish intel.”
The new DOJ letter also indicates that Durham may be looking into gutter oppo research firm Fusion GPS who hired former British spy Christopher Steele to compile a 35-page Russia dossier to smear Donald Trump and his associates.
Hillary Clinton paid for the Russia dossier and hid the payments to Steele by funneling the money through the DNC’s law firm, Perkins Coie.
The phony dossier was then used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant and three subsequent renewals on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.
Last week it was reported that Christopher Steele was coopering with US investigators, possibly Durham.
Screenshot of DOJ letter: