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The deep state conspiracy: FOIA Docs: Twice-Demoted DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Received $28,000 Bonus During Work on Sketchy Dossier…

FOIA Docs: Twice-Demoted DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Received $28,000 Bonus During Work on Sketchy Dossier…

This is a prime example of what historically sent people to the pitchforks.  According to newly released FOIA documents received by Judicial Watch, twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr received pay raises and a $28,000 bonus while working on the anti-Trump operation.  (full pdf below)
Bruce Ohr was originally demoted in December 2017 stripping away his title of associate deputy attorney general based on what DOJ officials said were “undisclosed contacts” with FBI informant Christopher Steele.   We later found out Bruce Ohr completely disclosed his contacts; so his first demotion was a complete CYA move by DOJ officials (ie. Rosenstein).
A month later, in January 2018, Bruce Ohr was demoted a second time, removing his title as head of the DOJ Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. No reason was given for the second demotion. His employment remained (as it does today) but no official word as to his title.
However, it is now discovered that Bruce Ohr received performance bonuses for the same work effort he was later demoted for:
Bruce Ohr, the Justice Department official whose connection to the opposition research firm responsible for the anti-Trump “dossier” led to his eventual demotion, was awarded a $28,000 performance bonus while the Russia probe was ongoing, according to newly released DOJ documents.
The records do not indicate why Ohr was given the bonus in November 2016, though they show he also received a $14,520 bonus a year earlier, totaling $42,520 over a two-year period. (read more)

Here are the FOIA Records:

When considering the institutional position of the DOJ, we are reminded of an earlier aspect that seems related to the institutional mindset.
In march 2019 NBC News penned an article about the unorthodox release of DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s transcript. Within the article NBC noted current DOJ officials responded to the congressional request for release by sending them an approved “redacted version”:
(NBC) […] The transcripts of interviews with Ohr and other witnesses before the joint committee investigation were sent to the Justice Department last December to be vetted for public release at the request of the outgoing GOP chairmen, Bob Goodlatte from the Judiciary Committee and Trey Gowdy from the Oversight Committee.
The Justice Department returned the Ohr transcript to the committee this week with redactions. But Collins said he was releasing a copy without those edits because the changes sought by the department did not relate to classified information or sensitive personal data. By releasing the transcript on the House floor, Collins would be protected under what is known as the Speech and Debate Clause from any reprimand. (read more)
Having read the Ohr transcript (also provided below), there wasn’t any national security interests, sources or methods, beyond investigative embarrassment for DOJ and FBI, simply because of the sham of it all.
What parts did the current DOJ redact, and what would have been their justification? What did the current DOJ attempt to hide? …Maybe Representative Doug Collins could provide the redacted version, so we can find out. Curiouser, and curiouser…

The corruption and audacity within both the FBI and DOJ seems unlimited.  They truly act as if they are beyond the reach of accountability. Finding out that Bruce Ohr received performance bonuses for conduct that led to his demotion is blood boiling.
Yet, the professional political class wonder why us proles are angry?

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