Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Why are hundreds of Jews standing up for Ilhan Omar if she is anti-Semitic?

12 Answers
Andrew Lenihan
Andrew Lenihan, knows Spanish
Jews who support Omar are the modern version of the Yevsektsia.
Their devotion to left wing politics blinds them to antisemitism and its hateful attacks against Jews. They can no longer understand or acknowledge the legitimate rights of Jews. So they enthusiastically support any leftwing antisemites.
Q: What does Yevsektsia mean?
A: The name stands for the "Jewish Section" of the Communist Party in the USSR after the Bolshevik Revolution.
Q: What did the Yevsektsia do?
A: Here are some of their crimes
They shut down synagogues.
They enforced the Communist ban on Sabbath observance. They spied on Jews and if anyone kept the Sabbath, the Yevsektsia arranged for them to be sent to Siberia.
Since the Hebrew language was forbidden, the Yevsektsia took the lead in stamping it out and sending Hebrew teachers to Siberia.
The Yevsektsia took on the task of stripping wealthy Jews of their property and sending them to Siberia.
There were about 300,000 Zionists in the USSR. The Yevsektsia killed some, jailed some, sent many to Siberia.
Q: Why would the Yevsektsia do these terrible things to their fellow Jews?
A: They were idealistic progressives for whom their left wing politics came before anything else. They followed their political ideology without any compassion. Just like our leftwingers today.
So, unfortunately, in 2019, we have a new Yevsektsia. We have Jews who support the PA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. And they certainly love the antisemites Omar and Tlaib.
The vast majority of the Jewish community fights to defend themselves but a small contingent of leftwing Jews always try to stop them. Oh well, life is tough.
God give us strength!

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