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Classy Democrats? Aide to freshman Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger calls Trump supporters 'irreedeemable, white trash pieces of s**t'

Aide to freshman Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger calls Trump supporters 'irreedeemable, white trash pieces of s**t'

Freshman Democrat Abigail Spanberger rode the "moderate" train in 2018 to oust conservative Republican Dave Brat in Virginia's 7th district. It was a tight race in a heavily Republican district. Spanberger played to suburban soccer moms in counties that had always voted Republican. She hauled in millions from across the country and had the Soros-funded pro-abortion EMILY's List busing in volunteers from up north to knock on our doors. 
In every pre-election interview and townhall Spanberger touted her CIA background as a unique qualification in matters of national security. She promised to engage in civil discourse in her dealings with Republican members of Congress. She stayed far away from the 'A' (abortion) word, sanctuary cities, and illegal immigration, couching her responses in the usual political double talk. The strategy worked and it was due largely to one of her earliest supporters and trusted aides.

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Gordon "Max” Heyworth worked with the congresswoman at a consulting firm after she left the CIA in 2014. He joined team Spanberger in 2017 where his Linkedin page describes his duties as developing communications, fundraising, crafting position statements, coordinating social media campaigns and writing Spanberger's nomination and victory speeches.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Spanberger and her Washington press secretary followed Heyworth's twitter posts. Did they turn a blind eye to his savage attacks on various Virginia state delegates, senators, President Trump and his supporters? Only after the Times-Dispatch exposed Heyworth’s tweets did Spanberger unfollow Heyworth who uses the handle "Woke Mr. Plow." As of last Friday, his Twitter account has been deleted. 
Delegate John McGuire(R-Henrico), a former Navy SEAL, was one of Heyworth's prime targets on Twitter followed closely by various Virginia Republicans, President Trump and Trump supporters. In his twitter posts Del. McGuire routinely called for individuals on both sides to work together in a civil manner. McGuire’s call for civility incensed Heyworth who blasted McGuire in monthly tweets full of profanity and obscenities. 
In one tweet he called out McGuire's service to his country, labeling him:
"...a mindless cretin without any sense of service to your country., the worst type of American, a sniveling, brain-dead propagandist and a f***ing dullard."
From May, 2019:
"put aside our differnces? This coming from the talking dildo who showed up at the Blexit rally with bells on!"
In June, 2019 again directed at McGuire:
"A guy who publicly fellates a mean-spirited brute like Trump...can take his pleas for kindness and shove them all the way up his tiny little a**.”
In August when McGuire stated “white supremacy has no place in the world,” Heyworth wrote:
"Shut the f**k Up! You braindead parrot! You roll over like a F***ing labrador for Grand Wizard Trump.Your words ring as hollow as that cavernous goddamn head of yours. Seriously, F***you and all those like you."
Apparently, Heyworth hates all Republicans, even their children. When Cameron Cox, the college-age son of House Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) tweeted out his desire for productive conversations between opposing parties, Heyworth called him,  "A f***ing p***y."
Then it was on to President Trump:
"Mr. President, I' m using  this opportunity to call you and everyone who supports you--an irreedeemable white trash piece of shit." 
In January he lashed out at Delegate Nick Freitas(R-Culpeper) and his voters. 
“[Freitas]is the worst kind of citizen this country has to offer [his core voters] are "dim-witted frothing mouthed, servile, unevolved, knuckle-dragging dumbs**ts."
In July, the same month Spanberger was speaking to a group of 300 constituents in Virginia criticizing Twitter wars and expressing her desire for both sides to come together Heyworth tweeted:
"...all remaining Trump supporters are racist white supremacists. Every last one of them. No exceptions."
The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Spanberger declined to be interviewed for the September 14 article. Instead, her campaign manager read a statement from the congresswoman assuring voters, “I was deeply disappointed to learn about these tweets. Now that I have been made aware of these tweets, my campaign won't be accepting Mr. Heyworth's volunteer copywriting services in the future."
McGuire, as well as Tina Ramirez, a Republican challenging Spanberger in the upcoming 2020 race, is not buying the congresswoman's ignorance of Heyworth’s tweets. McGuire suggested Spanberger looked the other way while a close associate spread vitriolic insults online. "If there's one thing voters cannot stand about politician, its hypocrisy," he said. Ramirez  called Heyworth's tweets "disgusting" and "it says a lot about what Spanberger really thinks about civility." 
This isn’t the first time Spanberger’s campaign workers have engaged in this kind of vicious messaging against the opposition. A month before the 2018 election, candidate Spanberger was forced to fire four teenage campaign volunteers after then-Congressman Dave Brat discovered one of her campaign flyers on his front porch with “rot in hell, Dave” written on it.

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