Sunday, October 13, 2019

A transgender tale

Transgender comedienne and activist Daphne Dorman, who was referenced in Dave Chapelle's 'anti-trans' Netflix special, has died by suicide

  • Daphne Dorman, a transgender activist and comedienne, died by suicide
  • Dorman posted a final note on Facebook hours before she committed suicide, saying she was 'sorry' and 'I hope you'll remember me in better times'
  • Dorman was a seasoned TV and stage actress, as well as a accomplished software engineer
  • She fought for trans-rights and volunteered at the San Francisco LGBT Center as an instructor for Transcode, a program to help transgender people begin careers in technology
  • Dorman was referenced in Dave Chapelle's 'anti-trans' Netflix special, 'Sticks and Stones' 

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