Thursday, October 3, 2019

How much else is being hidden from us? It's not paranoia if there's evidence

They claimed it violated their copyright

The band Nickelback successfully managed to get Twitter to pull a video from one of President Donald Trump's tweets due to copyright violation over the use of its music. The video itself claimed to disprove an assertion by former Vice President Joe Biden regarding his son's dealings in Ukraine.

What was in the video?

The original video used a popular parody of the Nickelback song "photograph" to target Biden. In it, while the song urges "look at this photograph" it showed a photo of former Joe and Hunter Biden at a golf course, along with a man named Devon Archer who was labelled as a "Ukraine gas exec."
The video also includes a video of Joe Biden insisting that he had never talked with Hunter about Hunter's role on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas firm called Burisma holdings. This claim by Biden has already been undermined by his own son, Hunter Biden, who said in a New Yorker interview in July that he had discussed Burisma with his father "just once."

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