Thursday, October 3, 2019

The evolution of identity politics ends up with something like Germany's Nurnberg laws


Anti-Semitism as law

Chart outlines the 1935 Nuremberg race laws
The Nuremberg Laws defined a Jew as anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents. Four German grandparents were needed to be classified as German.
In September, policy escalated. The Nuremberg Laws reduced Jews to second-class citizens because of their 'impure' blood.
Defined by the religion of their grandparents rather than by their own beliefs, Jews were viewed as having impure blood lines. The new laws were taught in schools, cementing anti-Semitism in German culture. Most Germans kept quiet, often benefiting when Jews lost jobs and businesses. Persecution of other minorities also escalated: the police were given new powers to arrest homosexuals and compulsory abortions were administered to women considered to be ‘hereditarily ill’.

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