Saturday, September 4, 2021

Proof that modern academic leftism is insanely stupid

Proof that modern academic leftism is insanely stupid

I quickly realized as I shepherded my children through public school and college that leftists in education are incredibly uninformed to the point of abject stupidity.  My kids became used to the fact that I would become almost incoherent with rage when I read through illiterate and factually inaccurate lessons or assignments from their teachers.  However, I have never come across anyone as spectacularly uninformed as Dr. Linda ManyGuns, who works at Mount Royal University, in Alberta, Canada.  Dr. ManyGuns has declared war on oppressive capital letters.

What you must appreciate before getting into Dr. ManyGuns's truly astonishing dive into stupidity is that she really is a faculty member at Mount Royal University, in Calgary, a public university with a $99-million (Canadian) endowment and over 14,000 students.  Just this April, Mount Royal University proudly announced that she was its new "associate vice-president of indigenization and decolonization," responsible for "providing vision, strategy, leadership and direction to advance indigenization and decolonization commitments."

Dr. ManyGuns is a woman with a long, successful academic career as both a student and educator.  In addition to the obvious qualification of being a "Blackfoot woman" and an elder for "the Buffalo Women's Society and part of the Beaver Bundle Society,"

ManyGuns has a Bachelor of Arts from St. Thomas University, a Master's from Carleton University, a law degree from University of Ottawa and a doctorate from Trent University. Her academic papers and projects are always on Indigenous subjects and informed by traditional knowledge.

For 11 years, ManyGuns was a professor in the University of Lethbridge's Department of Indigenous Studies. She understands the importance of Indigenous students succeeding in their education and while serving as chair, updated the 45-year-old curriculum. Previously, as a waitress, high steel construction worker and chef, ManyGuns experienced discrimination and lateral violence but refuses to let it define her.

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