Saturday, September 4, 2021

Two utterly fascinating facts about COVID

Two utterly fascinating facts about COVID

I learned two facts today, one about COVID's survival rate and the other about eye-opening medical information hidden within the bowels of the CDC.  Both surprised me and they may surprise many of you as well.  Admittedly, I had my suspicions about the survivability of COVID and have known for a long time (courtesy of my Brazilian hairstylist) that ivermectin is a good treatment, provided people receive it early enough.  Seeing those suspicions confirmed, however, with hard data from a Stanford professor and the CDC was both shocking and satisfying.

The past 18 months have taught people paying attention to rather obvious facts about COVID mortality rates that the very elderly are the most vulnerable.  Other vulnerable people are those with co-morbidities and those who are obese (and no, it's not fat-shaming to state an objective fact that ties in closely to surviving a potentially serious illness).

Dr. John Ioannidis, the Stanford University "Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research), of Epidemiology and Population Health and by courtesy, of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Science," was curious about actual infection fatality rates (IFRs) for COVID.  Extrapolating from confirmed cases, he concluded that, around the world, more than half a billion people have probably been infected with COVID.

Using that metric, Dr. Ioannidis concluded that most locations around the world have an IFR that's less than 0.20%.  Additionally, protecting vulnerable populations and treating people with appropriate medicines may further reduce mortality rates.

However, as we've also learned, COVID does not attack all people equally.  When Democrat governors, beginning with Cuomo, decimated their elderly by warehousing COVID-infected people in old-age homes, we saw that the elderly are the single largest vulnerable population.  Dr. Ioannidis, therefore, decided to look at age-related survival rates, and he came up with survival numbers that, if more widely known, would bring this mad panic to an end.

At PJMedia, there's a neat little chart summarizing the bottom-line survivability numbers, along with a more detailed discussion of Dr. Ioannidis's conclusions:

Now, back to Dr. Ioannidis's point that early intervention can help save even more lives.  Right now, the medical establishment is doing the equivalent of a doctor who, when he concludes that you are in the early stages of a sinus infection, sends you home without any antibiotics and, instead, tells you to return when you're septic.  When it comes to COVID, we're all told to go home and get back to the doctor when we're on the verge of dying and interventional medicines will no longer work.  Meanwhile, almost the entire American establishment (Democrats, doctors, Hollywood stars) hectors everyone to get vaccinated.

The bias against early intervention is so strong that the same people lecturing people about vaccines are also assuring them that ivermectin, which has been touted as a possible treatment, is in fact an incredibly dangerous horse de-worming medicine.  When word got out that Joe Rogan treated his COVID with ivermectin (as well as hydroxychloroquine), the condescending sneering began:


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