Friday, January 7, 2022

Why pay people who won't work

Unions shut a record 4,783 schools across US this week despite assurances classrooms are safe: Arizona Governor offers long-suffering parents up to $7,000 to send kids to private schools or pay for tuition

  • Chicago's schools will be closed for the third day in a row, it was announced on Thursday evening, as the teacher's union votes to continue with remote classes
  • Nationwide, 4,783 schools out of 98,000 have been closed for one day or more this week - the highest total seen since the tally began in January 2020
  • An ongoing battle between Chicago's teachers' union and city officials over COVID safety measures will see schools close for the third day on Friday
  • Schools in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been particularly affected by closures, due to a shortage of staff amid the pandemic
  • In Arizona, the governor, Doug Ducey, is now offering $7,000 to parents to use on education for their children if schools close - including private schools
  • In New York, the mayor of the nation's largest school district has vowed to keep classrooms open
  • The closures are creating a mounting mental health crisis among young people and also costing the economy an estimated $700 billion - 3.5 percent of GDP 

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