Friday, April 8, 2022

The Progressives never see past their good intentions

California's greenie 'food waste' law hits the reality wall

In their never-ending quest to remake and remodel California into a greenie socialist paradise, the tsentral planners running California have once again blundered like boobs again, failing to anticipate the unintended consequences of their feelgood 'food waste' law.

The law, which went into effect this year, forbids restaurants and groceries, no matter where the heck they are, from discarding unused food and legally binds them to donate it to food banks instead. No word from the report on whether the items are old or expired or unfit for human consumption. We'll just have to take the greenie word for it that it's all a good thing.

But as usual, there are problems they didn't expect from all this virtue-signalling in the name of saving the earth:

According to Reuters:

CHICO, Calif., April 8 (Reuters) - A California law requiring grocery stores and restaurants to donate leftover food has been hard for local food banks and small towns to implement due to climbing fuel costs and uncertainty over who pays for food recovery.

The effort to reduce methane emissions from discarded food sent to landfills while feeding hungry people has been slow to take off, illustrating the difficulty of curbing food waste on a large scale.

The California law, which took effect in January, mandates that national retailers such as Inc (AMZN.O) and Kroger (KR.N) as well as small grocery and convenience stores, donate unsold food, redirecting anything edible from landfills and composting anything inedible. It tasks cities and counties with formulating local plans, with a statewide goal of recovering 20% of edible food by 2025.
While other states restrict food going into landfills, California is the first to require food be donated for human consumption. The effort aligns with federal goals to slash food waste in half by 2030.

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