Sunday, April 17, 2022

You can tell a great deal about people by the hero's they chose...BLM/Antifa are the criminal protection service.

Video: Driver Is Trying To Get Through A Street Where BLM Was Protesting Illegally – BLM Supporter Pulls Out A Gun And Things Got Messy


Protests kicked off in Grands Rapids, Michigan, after the Grand Rapids Police Department released a video of an officer shooting a 26-year-old Black man in the head–the officer has not been charged.

The city of Grand Rapids held a press conference Wednesday to release about 20 minutes of footage showing the killing of Patrick Lyoya on April 4. Grand Police Chief Eric Winstrom was joined by city officials to release a series of videos that all revealed different angles of the incident recorded by the unidentified officer’s dashcam, his bodycam, a cellphone, and a neighbor’s home security camera.

After the video was released, protestors gathered in front of the Grand Rapids Police Department to demand justice for Patrick Lyoya. They also demanded that Police Chief Winstrom release the name of the officer who shot and killed Lyoya.

Various videos of the scene show Lyoya, 26, and another passenger being pulled over in a residential neighborhood.

A police officer exits his patrol car and instructs Lyoya to stay in his car.

Lyoya exits his vehicle despite the officer yelling at him to “stay in the car” repeatedly.

After some back-and-forth over a license plate and driver’s license, the officer chases Lyoya and the two end up on the ground fighting over a taser gun.

The officer repeatedly tells Lyoya to “let go of the taser” – shortly after another struggle, the cop shoots Lyoya in the head.

Patrick Lyoya has a long criminal history that includes a conviction for assaulting a pregnant woman in Kentwood, Michigan.

It doesn’t matter that Lyoya resisted arrest and previously assaulted a pregnant woman, BLM is out demanding justice and threatening innocent drivers.

Things got messy when a BLM supporter took a pistol threatened a driver trying to get through a street that’s meant to be driven on, which means BLM WeRE there illegally.

Video below:

According to a local report, he didn’t have permission for the gun but the police didn’t do anything about it!

The media called the riots mostly peaceful protest:

A bit later another driver had Antifa jump onto his car hood to block him

A random white dude who was streaming gets accused of being a cop. 

Also, a woman yelled that they have kids in the crowd (said crowd has threatened drivers with guns)

Video below:

They tried to force their way inside the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel:

No arrests were reported!

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