Saturday, July 2, 2022

Jew hating anti American whines again

Rep. Ilhan Omar says Minneapolis is MORE violent than the Somali refugee camp she fled to as teen and claims she saw two shootings within months of arriving in US

  • During a town hall on gun violence, Rep. Ilhan Omar said that she had the 'privilege' of not seeing any violence while living in a refugee camp
  • Omar said that within six months she saw a man shot dead in a local park and witnessed a Somali-immigrant shot 38 times by the police department
  • The outspoken Democrat lived for four years in the Dadaab complex in Kenya that houses over 200,000 refugees
  • Omar has previously described the complex as  'hostile,' 'survival of the fittest' and that being there made her understand 'what death looked like'

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar said that her arrival in Minnesota exposed her to more gun violence than living in an east African refugee camp did. 

Speaking at the Gun Violence Community Conversation at North High in Minneapolis on Thursday, Omar said: 'For six years, I had the privilege of not seeing any violence, until I moved to Minnesota.' 

Omar continued: 'My first year in Minnesota I both saw a person shot at Peavey Park, dead on the floor, three weeks after my father and I arrived in Minneapolis. Six months later I watched the Minneapolis police put 38 bullets into the body of a mentally disabled Somali immigrant who didn't speak English.' 

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