Saturday, July 16, 2022

NYC teen who accidentally shot himself finally locked up after 4th arrest in 9 months

A teen who was twice charged with possessing loaded handguns got treated with kid gloves both times under the state’s controversial “Raise the Age” law — allowing him to allegedly use another weapon to accidentally shoot himself in his bedroom, The Post has learned.

But even the self-inflicted wound wasn’t enough to get reputed gang member Rodney Sanders of Brooklyn locked up, which only happened after his fourth gun arrest in less than nine months, according to law enforcement sources.

“What does it take for politicians to realize some people should not be treated as minors?” one Brooklyn cop fumed.

“Do they have to shoot someone besides themselves?”

Sanders, 17, is an alleged member of the Bloods-affiliated “Miller Made Crew” of about 30 teens who live in the area around his apartment on Miller Avenue in East New York, sources said.

“He likes carrying guns,” said a Brooklyn cop familiar with Sanders’ case.

Sanders was first arrested on Oct. 17 while allegedly in possession of a loaded gun and again on March 1 after cops allegedly found two loaded guns while carrying out a court-authorized search of his bedroom, sources said.

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