Monday, August 1, 2022

Angela Merkel's legacy

The German city of Hanover is attempting to reduce its energy consumption by 15%. 

Between Oct. 1 and March 31, Hanover's municipal buildings will not be allowed to be heated to a temperature over 68F. The city has banned the use of mobile air conditioning units and fan heaters. 

The citizens of Hanover will be forced to take cold showers at city-run facilities. The German city will cut off hot water in public buildings, swimming pools, and gyms. 

"The situation is unpredictable. Every kilowatt hour counts, and protecting critical infrastructure has to be a priority," said Hanover Mayor Belit Onay – who is part of the Green party. "We are facing hard times due to the Russian aggression on Ukraine. And as we see that there's a looming gas shortage, this is a major challenge for municipalities."

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