Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Gun buyback success makes for humor


Social media users have been mocking a tweet that features the photograph of an extremely decrepit gun that the Toronto Police Service in Canada has apparently removed from the streets.

The @TPSGunsSeized Twitter account, which is described as the "Official Toronto Police account for all guns seized," posted the photo of a pistol that has likely seen better days — the  tweet included text that read, "#offthestreets this week."

Mockery has abounded and the tweet has garnered thousands of replies and retweets.

"Off the streets of where? Atlantis?" someone quipped in response to the post.

"The streets of Pompeii?" someone else tweeted.

"By streets you mean the bottom of a river?" another person wrote.

Another tweet suggested that "the streets" referred to the fictional undersea town of Bikini Bottom from the cartoon "SpongeBob SquarePants."

"The streets of Toronto are now safe...from tetanus," another tweet said.

"The Toronto Police are really on the ball. I thank them for taking this weapon of mass destruction #offthestreets!" someone else tweeted, along with a laughing emoji.

"The group of criminals that this weapon was taken from," another person tweeted along with an image of the monstrous crew of the "Flying Dutchman" ship from the "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."

"Everyone's making fun of this but it shows a great deal of skill and care on the part of Toronto police. Not many people would be able to set up this photo without the gun crumbling to dust in their hands," another tweet declared.

Earlier this year, the Toronto Police Service raised eyebrows by posting about a "Missing Woman," while including the photo of a bearded man. A press release, which no longer appears to be available online, had stated, "She is described as 5’10", with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee."

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