Sunday, August 14, 2022

If Starbucks is run out of town, who suffers the workers!

‘Woke’ NYC Starbucks now a haven for junkies, drunks and homeless

A NoHo Starbucks is dealing with more than just a constant flow of caffeine junkies looking to get their fix. 

The café at the corner of Astor Place and Lafayette Street regularly contends with drug users, mentally disturbed people and homeless folks looking to take a nap, The Post witnessed.

“Starbucks got too woke too fast,” said java joint regular Konstantin Dobryakov. “Now some customers are too scared to go in because you’ve got a bunch of homeless people sleeping in there. They got to be ready to kick people out and not give everyone a free cup of coffee. You give them a finger and they’ll take a hand.” 

This past week, The Post saw homeless people nodding off, washing their hair in a public sink and being transported to the hospital from the recently unionized Starbucks. Among the eye-openers:

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